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how to cover black mastic

Look to see if cracked tiles are black or dark gray underneath. If you have a cracked or missing tile and there is a black paste where the tile used to be, it could be asbestos. If the mastic has been exposed to the open air for a long time, it may have a gray tint though. Laws around here state that removing the mastic is done with a machine hooked up to a HEPA vacuum. None of the legislation says that they even have to vent to area with negative air or anything after removing floor tiles or mastic as they’re non friable material. So I’ve had an abatement company come to my house and remove about 330 sq feet of asbestos tiles in my basement.

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yes, but it doesn’t sound like jiong’s installer knows the regulations involving asbestos removal. Any tile breaking would have produced friable asbestos. So would have “scraped as much mastic as possible.”

  • You should check with your state health department.
  • There are several ways to detach mastic, but mastic is a delicate material, so we prefer a delicate process of removal.
  • Any tile breaking would have produced friable asbestos.
  • Asphalt concrete is usually placed on top in a road.

To prevent additional bubbling, I coated the wall with Gardz. Clean remaining thin residue with BLUE BEAR 700DG Degreaser or water using a scrub brush and/or mop or power washer. Apply 500MR Mastic Remover directly on the concrete surface. Spread 500MR around with a straw broom, long handled brush or squeegee using light pressure.

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I would consult a professional to remove it safely. That’s a great question, will have to follow the replies here. We had at a prior residence with vinyl adhesive stuck to the concrete basement floor. We easily removed the avocado green 1970s sheet vinyl but adhesive were a significant problem. Hire a contractor to test your tiles if you can afford it. The safest way to get your flooring tested for asbestos is to have a licensed contractor do it for you.

We had great success removing the mastic from concrete slab. We’re not sure what to do on the second floor though. OK. I just removed 1000 square feet on asbestos tile and mastic from the bottom 2 floors on the house we just bought in may. I used the Bean-e-doo product but now I have 3 five gallon buckets full of what looks like kitty litter soaked in used motor oil. The tiles were able to be disposed of at the local dump but the buckets I’m not 100% sure what to do with.

I’ve done engineered hardwood floors in remodeling jobs and have done some research on which flooring system would be best for an Eichler with radiant heat and on-grade concrete slab. As you have to sand the mastic properly while operating, you cannot find the black color at all. All you can see only a sandy color beneath your floor.

So should I just remove the underlayment and start over from the sub floor with new underlayment or skim coat and install my flooring? Hello, I recently purchased a house and decided to put hardwood floors in. The area had carpet so I thought it would be a quick job to pull up the carpet.

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I have almost the exact situation as the original poster. In house, built in 1962, I have removed the tile, and the floor is black mastic. I also have a persistent odor associated with the mastic that is unpleasant – in fact, I could how to cover black mastic smell it slightly before I removed the carpet, pad, and tile. Working on removing black mastic which once held down vinyl tiles which were common in this neighborhood . Some areas come nearly clean, many are still dark and tacky.

how to cover black mastic

If applying to mastic with trowel ridges, cover all trowel ridges with product. (Generally asbestos/black mastics will soften in 1-2 hours, and vinyl or acrylic mastics will soften in 4-8 hours.) After mastic has softened, remove with a long handled scraper or squeegee. There are so many removal and prepping scenarios a never-ending book could be written about them.

’Respirators with P1 or P2 filter cartridges will work with asbestos. Any respirator with a purple HEPA filter will work as well. Put on a respirator, rubber gloves, and protective eyewear. Asbestos is extremely dangerous, and breathing it in can cause lung cancer.

how to cover black mastic

The black mastic is friable only when you are going to remove it from the floor. Encapsulating black mastic can be enjoyable if you know the right way of how to encapsulate black mastic. If you are a newcomer in this field, then you must take some precautions of applying black asbestos mastic under the floor.

We just used the product, Bean-e-Doo from Franmar, works awesome! You must degrease it after you soak up all the mastic liquid. If you don’t, you may find yourself with a sticky residue as one comment read. Thinking of trying to seal the surface after a full scraping in order to make a unified adhesive surface for the brown paper application. Get a proper floor squeege to help you bring the pool to the center of the room and absorb it with kitty litter or an industtrial absorbant.

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